Who's Zuggy?


Who's Zuggy?


Yours truly, Zuggy the Pug, is the main character in a series of poems authored by his Human, Jean Alfieri.  The first "Colored By You!" books, “Thanksgiving”,  and "Christmas" were self published in 2017.  "Halloween" was released in the Fall of 2018.   Look on the "Zuggy Stuff" page for links to get yours today!

The newest (and fully illustrated) Zuggy the Pug book: Six Tales is available on Amazon now!  Link also on the "Zuggy Stuff" page.

Zuggy is my Pen Name.  I was adopted by Jean when I was 5 years old. My real name (and my weight) are highly confidential and undisclosed to the media.  I prefer to keep a low profile so I can move freely in public, without worry of being swarmed by adoring fans and pawparazzi. 

Intersting stats:

Favorite Color: Purple (the color of my harness)

Favorite Snack: Bacon (of course!)

Fave Actor: Frank, from Men In Black

Least Fave Food: Lettuce (what's the point?!)

​Neither my bark nor my bite is bad and, if you scratch me behind the ears, I’ll consider adding you to my inner circle of humans!